Spotted gum youth bow

I was asked by a member of my club to make a short light poundage bow, as due to advancing years and various health problems,he was having difficulty pulling the weight he was used to.

Also he ( like so many of us) has become interested in the simpler side of archery.So here it is.

Spotted gum with bamboo flooring back, with Apple and Jarrah accents
60″ nock to nock and almost centreshot cutout
25# @ 28″
I glued in 1″ of reflex, half of which has been retained after shooting approx 100 arrows.

I am pleased with this bow, it shoots very well and is not critical of spine, a little stack towards the end of draw (see the string angle) but by keeping the tips stiff, was kept to a minimum. I think the new owner will be happy with it.

Spotted gum semi pyramid bow
At full draw., nice bow, very smooth.

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