New bowpress

As promised, a pic of my new press under construction, the main difference is I have made it much stronger by upsizing all materials. I have also done away with the sliding extension as it introduced a lot of slop. The new press will open up to 54 inches and close down to 27 inches, all without a sliding extension. More as it progresses.

Update: 22/08/15

A little progress, the internal mechanicals are pretty much sorted, so here is a few more pics. The grey square item om the end of the rod is a loose nylon nut to support the end of the threaded rod.

The bronze nut is threaded for 6mm bolts that retain it inside the inner slider and the heads take up the space and give minimal contact area for smooth sliding. The other end of the 50mm tube has a nylon bush to give minimal clearance and provide a smooth, no metal to metal slide. The end cap is a 50mm fence post cap with a nylon bush epoxy’d inside to provide support for the threaded rod. The bearing is a 6000-z deep groove sealed ball bearing, this can take the minimal thrust asked of it. The 16mm threaded rod has been reduced and threaded for 10mm for the first 70mm simply because this was the size of the bearing I had and the internal size of the hand wheel. The caution bars are individually adjustable vertically and horizontally, also the left one can be removed and mounted outboard when pressing the longer bows. The finger mounting brackets I intend to mount on separate angle brackets for easy removal for different setups.

Update: 06/09/2018

Finally, after being shelved for a while due to other interests taking priority plus moving house and building a new workshop, my new press is finished and I am very pleased with it. The push to finish it came when a friend¬† (see “rumble26” under reader submitted posts) decided to build himself a press, had some fingers cut and kindly made a set available to me. I decided opening to 54 inches was a bit of overkill and modified it to max 50 inches, this will fully relax a 40 inch ATA¬† PSE moneymaker. The 6000-z bearing was also changed to a regular thrust bearing and the finger brackets which support the finger axles are permanently fixed in the interest of eliminating all slop/movement, I also decided to increase the axle size to 16mm and support the axles at each end for the same reason, this has worked very well. See the finished pix at the bottom, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making the press. If you have any questions or comments, if I can help with links to supplies or build tips, please don’t hesitate.


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