Mystery-wood bow

A stave was given to me by a man (a talented bowmaker) who has given me much encouragement in my bow building efforts and always has considered and constructive advice, we should all be so lucky, thanks Paul. Anyway, this stave of unidentified wood sat in my shed for several months for two reasons, the first is I was afraid to tackle it as I have only ever made board bows and this would be a first for me and I did not want to ruin it. The second is that it had a serious twist in it and I wasn’t confident I could remove it. Last week I saw Paul and mentioned my concerns, and his advice? shape the bow first and then remove the twist if you feel it necessary. So that is what I did. I hope I have done the stave justice, I am certainly very happy with the bow, have a look, and comment if you like.

I had to add a handle section as I didn’t have enough wood for the handle I wanted, so I used a piece of sassafras because it matched the colour of the existing heartwood. The back of the bow I left untouched as I figure the tree knows best how to make a bow back.

68″ n to n 70″ overall

Update:      I have since been told that the timber is called “Brown Mallet”  or “Goldfields Blackbutt” and is considered to be the equivalent of American Hickory.

This fits in with what I have been told, that the stave was harvested from the Coolgardie area.

38# @ 28″

I have been unable to identify this timber.
Handle detail.

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