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Archery Australia tuning guide

An extract from the Archery Australia Tuning Guide, specifically for recurves, very interesting. Download the PDF Your browser does not seem to support iframes. Click here to read this PDF.

The Nuts and Bolts of Archery

This is a really good article on all aspects of tuning and shooting the compound bow, download it and read. There is something here for everyone, a wealth of archery knowledge for free. Be warned though, this is huge about 150 pages so you might think twice before printing it. As a tempter, you can ...

Arrow Charts

This is a really good Easton shaft selector, an oldie but a goodie, unzip and double click. Download Easton arrow chart. A Cartel arrow chart, if you shoot recurve, don't go any stiffer than the chart suggests, compound shooters can go a little stiffer without problems. Download Cartel arrow chart. Back to arrow safety.