Asian style bow

I have become interested in Asian horse-bow style bows and the mechanical advantage to be gained by the siyah’s, so I decided to try my hand at making one. I first tried making one using my normal flatbow/pyramid bow timbers and techniques resulting in failure, I wont show you the results but I couldn’t make wood alone bend that much, but was unable to let the idea go, you know that feeling right? anyway I decided to use a core of vertical bamboo and the dreaded fibreglass. First I made a twenty minute mockup using whatever scrap wood was lying around to test the design which worked first time, surprising and pleasing me. The test bow pulled three lb at 30 inches and threw an arrow 6 metres proving to me that the design would work so I just upscaled everything and this is the result, I was unable to find any plans or suggested dimensions on the net so had to guess at everything but the overall length. here is the result, which I am very pleased with, and already have another under construction as the first turned out lighter than I was hoping.

Very happy with the way it worked out, very smooth to draw and shoot.

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This is the finished bow.
aint it pretty?
At full draw.

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