Another spotted gum bow

I am beginning to like working with spotted gum although it’s not without problems, very hard and dense  with interlocked grain. This is my first time using bamboo (which I bought from Masters Hardware garden section) so this bow was a bit of an experiment, I wanted to learn how to prepare the bamboo from the pole, how to apply it to the bow and how it affected limb thickness and draw weight. And what a learning curve that was, first, the bamboo back adds a tremendous amount of draw weight so it must be very thin or you remove most of the limb wood trying to get the draw weight down, second because of the raised nodes, and the different distance between nodes it can be challenging to tiller. I feel like I have learned a lot from this bow so the whole exercise has been worthwhile, and of course I have yet another bow, how good is that?

I was aiming for 40# @ 28″ and ended up with 36# @ 28″ so I am pleased with that.

Bamboo backed spotted gum.
Handle detail.
Bamboo back.

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