Another spotted gum bow (Fail)

Well, the old guys used to say “if you aint breakin, you aint makin” how true, this was brought home to me today when a spotted gum pyramid bow I had just decided was ready for cleaning and sanding reminded me. I was aiming for 45# @ 28″ and had reached 47# @ 28″. I had drawn it to 29″ and was standing back admiring the tiller when one of the limbs slowly folded leaving me with a dead bow. What happened? well a darker line on one of the limbs which only appeared after shaping, backing with bamboo, then thining to near final thickness proved to be a fatal flaw, the pictures will help explain, after taking the first pictures showing the compression lines, I broke the limb backwards the rest of the way to see inside, ( its a shame we can’t x-ray before starting) Anyway, although disapointing, I learned a lot from this, and if you can take something from it, then it was worth it.


Internal flaw.
Some kind of punky flaw.

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