Another horse bow

A friend admired my Asian style bow and asked me to make him one, so here it is, once again I used a bamboo flooring core lam and laminated the siyahs from a bamboo chopping board my wife asked me to sand and clean up (its beyond repair luv) and a core of Jarrah, the handle is also Jarrah. I included a short thin lamination under the handle to prevent it from trying to bend through the handle area as I had one pop off of an earlier attempt causing the bow to explode into five pieces, I never want that to happen again.

The bow is very smooth to draw with no stack to 30″ (note the very low string angle at 28″ of draw) and pleasant to shoot, the hand shock you must expect with two lumps of wood attached to the end of the limbs is minimised by keeping the siyahs as thin and light as is practical. All in all, I am very pleased with this bow.

I love this style of bow.
Smooth to draw, shoots fast.

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