An excellent DIY bowpress from rumble26

I have recently built a bow Press for home use and thought I would pass on my experience to any budding DIY archers. I started by perusing all the archery forums and downloading pics and plans of which there are many, I settled on a design that would press both parallel and over parallel limb bows. Next I priced the option of purchasing Acme threaded rod, bearings, spoked wheel, steel tubes etc, I also looked at the options of purchasing a square jack and converting that for my needs, I decided that the jack option looked to suit my skills and needs the best. I looked at many jacks and the Bulldog trailer jack stood out from the rest, it was also well priced, it was rated for 5000 lbs and it was square tube and a top wind, I needed to remove a bracket from the outer tube but this was easily done with an angle grinder. I then welded stubs of square tube to the jack to facilitate the fitting of the fingers and the stand, the fingers I had laser cut locally and most steel fabrication businesses have offcuts of tube you can purchase cheap. I used shrink tube to cover the fingers which give them a good grip of the limbs and protect your paintwork. The press opens to 42″ maximum which will handle most bows on the market,  The attached pics should explain in more detail. Ray  – PSE Supra

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