A new set of threads.

I have been making my own strings and cables for several years now, but for a number of reasons recently decided to have a set made for me. Now, I’m very fussy about my strings so I started asking around, reading various archery forums, listening to the gripes of club members who had bought string sets until I discovered¬† “Killer Bow Strings ” an Australian custom bow string maker. After several e-mails back and forward establishing material, serving and colour I placed my order, the new strings arrived very fast and I fitted them the next day. Well, I have to say I am impressed with every aspect of the transaction and of course with the strings themselves, beautifully made, and when fitted, the axle to axle was spot on as was the brace height and cam timing, I literally didn’t have to make any adjustments, they just worked, even the string stop serving was right on, and zero peep twist, I mean none. Impressive.

If you are considering a new set of strings you could do a lot worse than consider Pete Morphett of Killer Bow Strings. http://www.killerbowstrings.com


Killer bowstrings site is temporarily down, check back later.

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